Sodium and Salt - Zombification of Humanity - Black Magic

Sodium and Salt - Zombification of Humanity - Black Magic 

 Sophia Swaruu (Yazhi)

Yazhi: I see things, I don't really sleep, my body does but I remain conscious on other planes. I have visions, all the time. They are not always relevant.
I see salt. I see people on Earth being attacked with salt. Salt in various forms or chemical compounds, derived from salt, that end up not being the type of salt their nervous system, especially brain, needs, being left with a deficit of sodium of the correct type, which opens the human mind to parasitization and 'zombification', mind control, closing them off from seeing what is obvious.
A zombie, as it is known in Haiti, is created by bringing a person to the brink of irreversible death with the use of 'black magic' (everything that makes it up, complicated). Where doctors declare a person dead, and on the verge of being buried, but they are in a kind of magical 'stasis' (the magic is real, but not like in Harry Potter, although there is some of that too) and that is when, as other people leave, the magician (sorcerer) 'recovers' the body and partially "awakens" it.
I see 'vision' that at least in part that black magic composes or is composed of substances that de-salify the body. Remaining in a state of low propagation, or transmission, of nerve impulses.
In Africa, and Haiti, where the zombification of people is common to this day, the people who are left for dead by their relatives, are taken away, where they are used as slave labor, mostly in plantations of all kinds, especially 'drugs' (vision again).
And it is not the classic zombie like in the movies, where it is a putrefied being animated by an entity of the lower astral that has never been incarnated as a human, therefore it does not realize that it is not a "human" and that it is necessary to clean and wash itself, nor is it aware that its body is falling apart.
This zombie is literally a 'living dead'. Its body is alive but its soul consciousness is at a minimum, it has withdrawn, and the body is only "alive" in a state of extensive brain and nerve damage.

Gosia: As in deep coma then but manipulable and walking?

Yazhi: So this kind of zombie must still be fed.
It is said in Haiti that a zombie of this kind, manipulable and walking, yes, that only receives simple orders from those who control it with black magic, should never be given any salt in its poor diet, composed of 'food' made of elements with a minimum of sodium or where all sodium has been removed.
Sodium is an element without which the nervous system cannot function because it is what provides the electrical transmission potential to the nerve cells. Bodies are electrical, they do not function on calories, everything is electrical potential and its interaction of transmission and retention voltages between cells. If the system decays, you enter a disease process. All types, depending on where the electrical problem is.
Because everything is psychosomatic, a process of consciousness that manifests, that curdles, that agglomerates energy into something tangible called matter, this by energetic nodes as explained in Mechanics of Manifestation.
So, you control the sodium in the body, specifically the sodium-potassium cellular pump effect, and you control the electrical impulse and electrical transmission potential of a body. And you control over where or how much frequency of electrical current can be achieved by changing the sodium-type transmitting potential that predominates in the body.
Going back to the Haitian zombies, when a 'controlling' sorcerer has no more use for his zombies, or when he feels that someone will find him with them, whoever they are, let's say 'authorities', then what this sorcerer will give each zombie is food with sodium, or give them a handful of sea salt in their hand and order them to eat it.
It is said that it is there when they progressively wake up from that trance, from that lethargy or stasis, quite fast in a matter of minutes or hours, the texts do not specify. And the subject, regaining consciousness, still in a state of high confusion, will wander through the countryside, through the streets, until he recovers more or enough consciousness, sometimes already being caught by the police for being lost, or taken for being 'drugged' or 'drunk'. And from there he gets identified and that is when he finally meets with his relatives. I guess.
Right now industrial table salt in all countries contains sodium fluoride. Sodium fluoride neutralizes the salt, and changes its electrical transmission potential to a specific frequency range, which the controllers already have, who in turn impose their black magic mind control on them using multiple systems or methods, from mass media, or direct black magic.
Sodium fluoride is present in basically all industrialized foods. Not only in toothpastes. We also find the large scale presence of Monosodium Glutamate which demyelinates neurons by lowering their depolarization potential in their axons, hindering electrical transmission in general. Basically what Monosodium Glutamate does is like removing or thinning the insulation of an electrical wire, causing leaks and short circuits.
From there we find a number of saline chemical compounds in processed foods that also alter the transmission frequency and electrical potential of the human body's nervous system.
So, since the electrical energy of the human body is based on 'micro frequencies' and coupled with other technologies such as electromagnetic radiation and now inoculations, and this whole system is altered by the lack of the right kind of salt, the 'zombie' effect, at least for me, is explained from an angle never seen before.
Keep in mind that I saw all this from the astral side.
Sodium is good and necessary. It is not true that it causes blood pressure to rise due to fluid retention and other biochemical processes. I see this demonizing of salt as part of the control over the sodium of the Earth in order to zombify or stupidity the masses.
One should take sea salt, real, pure, or pure mineral derivatives of salt such as Himalayan salt, and the like. Non-industrialized salt. And fluoridated salt consumption should be avoided at all costs. There is mineral salt from mines, basically Old Sea Salt. It is not as good as the sea one in my opinion, but at least it is not fluoridated.

Robert: Cooking with sea water?

Yazhi: If it is pure yes, but I feel that the unprocessed one you get in health food stores is enough.

Gosia: Yes, people already know about sea salt vs. industrial salt, but they don't know about the zombification you mentioned. That is new, wow.

Yazhi: I see a connection between salt, industrialized salt that modulates the possible electrical frequency of the central nervous system, sodium fluoride, another kind of altered salt, with the mental lethargy in which humanity finds itself, especially with regard to plandemic.
As is already known, sodium fluoride is used to lull people to sleep, to make them docile, and submissive. This is part of the sorcery I am talking about, of the Black Magic present. Because there is Black Magic here. I see it, they use it!

Robert: So in the zombie... it is still the same consciousness as before but with less connection in the body, right? It doesn't mean that some astral parasitic entity has entered? Because you say that by giving them some salt, they return to their previous state of consciousness.

Yazhi: Astral parasites, yes, a little bit of everything, because the modification of the frequency of the bioelectric process of a body makes it concorde to parasitization.

Gosia: Wow, okay yes. It makes a lot of sense. Collective global black magic. Sure, if it is used in small "ceremonies", why wouldn't it work on the collective scale?

Yazhi: They use it, and I know they use it because I noticed that the rabbis use something called Pulsa Denura which they say is not a ritual, but ritual it is. Pulsa Denura is just black magic disguised as "divine will".

Robert: And what is the ultimate purpose? To further idiotize the population?

Yazhi: Control of the masses with a view to global depopulation to avoid the great awakening.

Gosia: What is Pulsa Denura?

Yazhi: Pulsa Denura is a ritual (although the rabbis say it is not) where ten holy men, pure rabbis, all having to have families and children, all over 40 years old, and after exactly 3 days of fasting, pray and read passages from one of their secret books, connected to the Kabbalah or from the Kabbalah, as "hidden texts", where they ask for divine intervention to judge a person or a situation. And give an end to the problem, elimination of that person or resolution of the problem in question, in favor of the one who asks Pulsa Denura.
The rabbis must be pure of mind and tradition, and what they ask for must be concise and clear, because they are supposed to be asking for divine intervention, and for God to judge a person (or circumstances-situation), and if God sees or realizes that what they ask for is not justified by falsely accusing a person for example, the Pulsa Denura will be reversed to the ten rabbis and a curse will fall upon them and their families for four generations. That is to say that whatever the ten "pure" rabbis ask against something or someone, if it is reversed they will have it on them for four generations. So they should be very careful with what they ask for.
They say it is not a ritual, however I realized that it is, from the moment they use blood sacrifices of white chickens to "enhance" their ritual. (Who says not from other animals and people?!).
It is said that the Pulsa Denura is not ritual and that it invokes the power of God. However, from someone observing this from the outside, it has a clear tinge of even 'satanic' ritual. I don't see it as invoking God's judgment, and his Divine intervention.
It is more of the same story of God Jahweh asking for ritual sacrifices, scapegoats (which is killing a boy instead of your son) and ultimately supposedly sending his own son Jesus to sacrifice, so that his martyrdom would atone for the original sin of mankind, thereby saving the souls of all who follow him. Ergo: They use rituals.

Gosia: You said: "They use it, and I know they use it because I noticed that the rabbis use something called Pulsa Denura". But what does the black magic the controllers use have to do with the fact that the rabbis do it? Why did you make this connection?

Yazhi: Rabbis are high priests of Judaism. It is Egypt base, Cabal base. It's them, they are part of the Illuminati system. And just if the rabbis themselves are able to do all that with the Pulsa Denura (which works) imagine what the regressive Illuminati high controllers can do. It´s just logical. They do it. They invoke all sorts of 'lower astral' entities, and who knows what else, to accomplish their purposes.
That is why I say all this, that is why I assure that people are under black magic aided by electromagnetic frequencies, in turn enhanced by body sodium control.

Gosia: Thank you, I understand. And you have seen this in the astral vision, yes? The sodium and zombies?

Yazhi: Yes. I didn't even have this in mind last night when I fell asleep. I saw it as a whole. As I told you, I have a lot of astral activity.
Higher up it makes sense, it's a renewal of the Earth. Higher up everything will change according to where you are, who you are, your frequency defines the person and vice versa. Everything is frequency compatibility. But in the process many will die, and that cannot be avoided now.

Gosia: But also note that there are many protests happening now all over the world (I am not just talking about truckers). Someone asked me if you are seeing this, how humanity is rebelling.

Yazhi: Yes.

Robert: Do they "rebel" or being manipulated?

Gosia: They rebel. They protest. They do not obey.

Yazhi: Both on a large scale, making it hard to see who is controlled opposition and who is not. Some, like the truckers, may very well have started out as controlled opposition that then got out of hand.
However, they have already contemplated this, that there will be some and great opposition. The controllers are very strong, especially creating false realities for the people. Basically human society, history and science, is based on nothing, on lies and castles of cards.
Also remember that the protests and such are scenarios for false flags and for the introduction of agents to move a peaceful demonstration in the direction of a violent one, with a view to the collapse of public support for the demonstration that began peacefully.
The only thing that counts here is the struggle for one's own soul and on a personal level more than anything else. That is where this is won or 'lost'. The moment they have made this a war, People-vs.-Cabal, they lose. Because wars of all kinds, from weaponized to mental ones, only exist when there are opponents.
It is not even a matter of 'beating' the Cabal, per-se, but of focusing on being genuine and in accord with yourself. All you have to do is follow the interests of your soul, not those of the Matrix collective controlled and manipulated by the Cabal.
They must follow what they believe is right and what they perceive as reality. So if they wish to protest, so be it. However, mass disobedience is the correct response, ignore governments en masse. But, since there is not enough mass of the population ignoring governments en masse then I see it valid to resort to any method they see possible except doing nothing and folding their hands and obeying. That never.

Gosia: And if resisting and fighting the Cabal is what one feels is genuine and in accordance with their soul?

Yazhi: Then that should be done. Remembering that: No clowns, no circus <--
That is why we have always said that you should see, read, and listen to everything that is within your reach, so that from there you can form a personal criterion about the nature of reality on which each one bases his or her life, always keeping in mind that you should not become attached to systems of thought even if they are agreeable to you, and always have the necessary flexibility to adopt new ideas, discarding the previous ones, as things develop.
And even if they die in the struggle, if that is what they want, that is winning because they were faithful to their principles, ergo faithful to their souls. Which makes their incarnation worthwhile.

Robert: But to be true to your principles, to say "I do not consent" is more than enough.

Yazhi: It depends on the level of consciousness of each person and the capacities they have. For example, people who feel that have no influence over others, like many starseeds where even their families don't pay attention to them, only have to be completely true to themselves and with that they are already doing their 'work' and fulfilling their life purpose.
But a person with greater responsibility, such as yourselves, should continue, within their capabilities, in the fight in more direct ways, as their 'power' is much greater, or their range of influence or whatever.
A person who feels he has no power at all, does have it over himself and that is a lot. That is what it is all about.  Being true to your souls. To guard them and not allow them to be taken away, either by mind control or vaccines or weaponized sodium. If they cannot or feel that they cannot contribute anything to the fight, they can always contribute. Broken shoes, broken shoes... if only they save themselves, their souls, that is enough, that is what they are there for.

"Holographic" - HOLISTIC Society


"Holographic" - HOLISTIC Society - Spiritual and Ethical Preparation is the First Step - Yazhi

Originally given in Spanish in November 2021

Yazhi: The term "Holographic Society" is not something we started to use ourselves. This term is already used on the net on a large scale. But looking at that word with a critical eye... talking with Dhor Kaal'el here, we saw that it is not a good word to describe advanced societies of many non-human cultures including Taygetan.

"Holographic Society" comes from the Greek: Holos - "Complete" and Gram - "Message" as Anéeka once said. Here the word Holos is correct, but Gram doesn´t fit and only lends itself to confusion.

According to Dhor Kaal'el, giving him credit, the correct name should be: "Holistic Society". As in complete society that includes all its members actively on equal terms. That is the adequate name. So I see it as a very good idea to change the name we use to "Holistic Society".

Because in this way we leave behind other people with their definitions of the name "Holographic Society", in favor of a correct name that better describes our concepts that will also help to distinguish us from the others since the information does differ drastically. So the name of these societies and the topics we will give below will be "Holistic Societies".

How does a Holistic Society work? My description is based on the fact that a society and a culture will always be a reflection of the people that form it. From the point of view not only of their conscious intentions but also of their collective unconscious. People are their society, they do not live in a society. They are also their life and their experiences in it.

If a group of people in power installs on a people a Holistic Society by way of imposition, even if the people say they agree, it becomes Communism or something similar to it.

A Holistic Society arises and is born out of the mentality of a people. Each people will reflect their own mentality in the governments that govern them. If the people are disinterested in taking part in the resolution of the problems and structural dynamics and in all that is necessary to sustain a culture, only people with their own interests will emerge among them who will begin to dominate over the people as can be seen in detail in the book 'Animal Farm' by George Orwell, 1945.

You can see there the degradation that occurs when a people is liberated from the oppressors (in this case the farmer) and some animals take control over the farm little by little until they become as or more tyrannical than the farmer himself (the pigs in the book). I recommend reading it to understand in detail how a people by being permissive and believing in demagogies fall back into the same mentality they had before being "liberated" which in turn forms a new tyranny.

Now why does this happen?

I mention it because it is the very reason why a group can't come and impose a Holistic Society on another, even if those people so desire, because they will naturally degrade to the same tyranny that oppressed them before, as described in absolute detail step by step in that book. A book that I read I do not know how many incarnations ago and I still remember it. I don't even know who I was back then, I think Swarupapapriyananda (Swaruu 2).

This degradation of a people liberated from oppression and with all its members on equal terms, towards falling back into the same, or worse, is due to the mentality of the people themselves. Being that attempts to impose or establish positive political models to the interests of all, of the masses, on Earth, end in the same, absolute tyranny.

Examples of this are:

- Rome: from Republic it becomes Empire with the assassination of Julius Caesar by Brutus who was working for Cleopatra and Mark Antony.

- French Revolution: which comes out of Monarchy, to fall back into something similar with Napoleon Bonaparte.

- American Independence: which establishes a constitution with clear and firm rights for the people that gives them abilities to defend themselves from the formation of new tyrannies with the second amendment which is the right to bear arms with a view to prevent new tyranny which degraded into a capitalism where those who controlled the companies began to dominate over the financial market until in 1913 the Federal Reserve is established, which basically takes away all power of the Democratic Government over the Treasury Department, thereby causing, at the same time, every person in the USA to become legally a Corporation that is and can be absorbed by other larger ones, thereby creating a totalitarian tyranny.

- Bolshevik Revolution of 1917-18: the implementation of the Communist political model based on Marxism, where a government establishes total control over the assets of the people and administers the resources to give each individual what that same government believes he/she needs and deserves. This model degraded to State Capitalism where those in the Ruling Party take all the wealth at the cost of total and tyrannical exploitation of the people, with its apogee during Stalin's government.

The list is long and I only mention a few of the many examples of the same problem. Since it seems to show that the peoples, the normal people, are destined to always fall under some kind of Totalitarian Government, without a truly equitable political model.

What I perceive on Earth is that the basic mentality of life there is that of scarcity of resources which in turn creates the need for something or someone or an institution-government to manage those few resources with whatever political model. Being that on Earth nothing is ever enough. Whether there are enough resources or not, the perception is the same, that there is a lack of things, food, new objects that make life interesting and worth living.

I see that this is not only caused by the imposed mind-controlled mentality that favors the consumer society, which fuels the profits of the companies that manufacture or manage such consumer goods but is mostly based on the mentality that people need something external to them to justify, enjoy, and make life itself worth living.

People needing something external to them to fulfill their existence is a direct consequence of the concept of materialism and determinism, where only the material exists and has value, and cause and effect as an inevitable consequence - victim mentality.

This worsens when a monetary value is added to the material, because the very values of the people will revolve around this material value, blinding them to the other points without material value, thus creating that life itself is worth little if it is not destined or used to produce goods or services that produce more monetary value.

With this the whole spiritual part decays to just being used as another method of control over the masses to guide them to behave in ways that are productive for those in power. Which ends up destroying the very life of people and the animals and plants around them. An example of this is animal suffering, where pets, such as dogs and cats, or free-living wildlife, have no value to society, other than what is given to them as monetary utility.

I emphasize the dogs and cats as the most direct example that comes to my mind that suffer abandonment and cruelty in the streets of the big cities because being many and useless, they lack any value, blinding people to their needs and their great suffering.

In the same way everything alive becomes cheap, therefore without value, without importance, and the material things manufactured industrially increase in value. As a consequence of this is that the whole spiritual part of people is degraded in favor of materialism, which in turn, as a direct consequence, will only bring much suffering that will perpetuate the perception of lack and scarcity.

But as the materialism-determinism in which they live as a mentality dictates that only what is real, tangible, and with monetary value matters, the only way that such people will have to seek relief from that feeling of lack in their lives is with the acquisition of more material goods that will give them a temporary satisfaction through a feeling of achievement-acquisition, but that will inexorably create the need to acquire more material goods again to feel that sense of achievement-relief again. Mentality entirely programmed by those who wish to continue perpetuating the society of consumption, materialism and determinism.

And this leads me to declare that the only way to transcend the vicious circle described above is with the spiritual, ethical and moral advancement of a people.

For a people to seek existential satisfaction within themselves, in what everyone has inside, the happiness generated by self-satisfaction in cooperation with their loved ones, community, would completely replace the need to seek happiness in material things. As a first factor or step towards forming the necessary mentality for a Holistic Society.

The Spiritual, Ethical, and Moral development of a people, their level of consciousness, is the very basis of a Holistic Society and without it simply will not be generated, will not appear.

A truly Holistic Society generates itself, no one has to impose it, no one has to dictate how things are or how things should be. Rather, the very social and cultural dynamics of a people will be born by itself as a direct reflection of its consciousness, spiritual, ethical and moral mentality. Especially a truly Holistic society.

So a Holistic Society cannot be implemented upon a people, nor can it be given to them as base information to form one, because it will only reflect the same mentality of the one who provides that information, which will not be applicable or appropriate for the people who receive it.

The truly Holistic Society will generate itself, without the need to learn anything about how it works, nor to give classes to the people from the angle of giving information as one would give a descriptive class about how a Democratic, or Communist-Socialist, or Monarchical political system works.

The only thing that generates a true Holistic Society is the spiritual, conscience, ethical, and moral advancement of a people, where they first develop those bases, and already with a mentality of ethics, morality, and very advanced spirituality, the members will begin to relate to each other with those three bases, and the result is a Society or political model perfectly in accordance with the level of advancement in those three areas.

It is the result of everyone within that society reaching the same high degree of advancement, or at least similar in terms of their personal variations, but always within the same framework of understanding that makes them cooperate with each other. A people will reflect its degree of ethical, moral, and spiritual advancement directly toward its political model.

From a non-materialistic point of view based on the models of mind, thought, integration, love, cooperation, understanding that cooperation and mutual support is what generates a personal and cultural advancement of a person and a people is the basis of Holistic Societies.

On Earth, much is taught, to the point of abuse, that one should live in a mentality of service-to-others and not in a service-to-self. Even very 'advanced' spiritual teachers and contactees claim this. It is said that progressive non-human races live in service to others and regressive races live in service to themselves.

It is not that simple. Not on Earth. Living in service to others must be an inseparable part of seeking service to self. On Earth imposing or forcing or teaching people to live in service to others has become one more method used by spiritual teachers and contactees and people who claim to have high consciousness, high above the average people, for the exploitation of those who wholeheartedly desire to implement a new, more equitable society on Earth with a view to the development of a new Holistic Society.

That is to say, living in service to others within a society where the whole dynamic of interaction between people on average is one of service to themselves and their survival, will only generate slaves with good intentions who end up working for free for the benefit of those who claim to be more advanced, or have more convincing power over them. They end up being told that they help the cause when they are only mind-washed and controlled slaves exploited for their good intentions.

To be able to help in a service to others mentality you need to have a full understanding of what it is you are helping, why, to what end, with what dynamics and reasons. All with a framework that such help does not interfere in the lives and primary needs of those people providing service-minded help to others. Otherwise they will only be exploited by people who call themselves Spiritual Masters, Ascended, or people supposedly with much spiritual advancement.

This point above is an example of how forcing only one part or one aspect of the mentality of people living in Holistic Societies on people living in other socio-political models will only bring chaos and exploitation again.

A Holistic Society is what comes out as a result of the interaction between each other of a group of people with a high spiritual, ethical and moral advancement. Under the principle that a people will have the political system that reflects its own mentality.

If a people, like the people of Earth, live in a victim mentality, in determinism and materialism, they will only create, form, or manifest the opposite concept to themselves. A people with an oppressed and dependent mentality will create those who oppress them and on whom to depend. One side will create the other.

This is the very mechanism of the formation of governments, regressive entities and races and systems of oppression that are formed in the manner of Tulpas and Egregores reflecting the human mentality. If a people feels exploited, it will create its exploiters.

The only method of creating a Holistic Society is to move forward the spiritual, ethical and moral advancement of a people, to expand their consciousness. What people should be focused on is those three elements and not the forced implementation of a new political model, because this will only degrade into Socialism-Communism with State Capitalism. And that is NOT a Holistic Society.

When a people develop a sufficiently advanced ethical, moral and spiritual advancement, naturally, without any problem, they will inevitably form a society and culture perfectly in accordance with their level. If the level is sufficiently advanced, it can be said to be a Holistic Society. Being that I must make it clear that it is not a political model to follow, but only is and can only be the result of the ethical, moral and spiritual advancement of a people, of its personal and collective consciousness, its direct and inevitable reflection. The total of their collective unconscious.

The first step to follow to form a Holistic Society is the ethical, moral and spiritual elevation of a people. And this in the first instance is achieved with the direct and unrestricted access of the people to all the information available to their group or culture. Learning all subjects, whatever they may be, is the first step. That is why one must study everything, learn as much as possible, listen to all opinions and angles equally, with the formation of one's own responsibility for one's own personal advancement, and for the formation of the personal concepts that each one takes in as true, as what is real and what is not.

This means that equal importance should be given to studying all points of view and then forming one's own opinion. Therefore, you should not follow anyone who imposes or wishes to control or form a monopoly of truth, for that will lead you away not only from spiritual advancement, but from the formation of a Holistic Society.

You must manage personal resources, time and energy, to filter the information that is useful to you from that which is not, thus filtering the people you listen to from those who do not nourish you. Remember that the framework of reality, of what is true and what is false, and the very values of ethics, morality, and spirituality of each person are and will be the result of the average of the ideas of those with whom they live, talk to, and listen to. One should develop the individual responsibility to decide with whom to live.

Robert: And how do you promote "the spiritual, ethical and moral advancement of a people?"

Yazhi: As I started to say, they must learn everything they can learn, but for that they must first have the interest and the intention to do that. To learn all that can be learned, continuous and objective learning, without the formation of attachments to information models. That is, with the flexibility to incorporate new ideas to the framework that forms the personal reality.

Reality must be approached using the best data available to each one, with the mentality that nothing is fixed, and that such descriptive models of reality, parts or as a whole, are only temporary until better data is available and one´s own better mental models are developed. Not having fixed ideas. Or only have as a spiritual model to embrace the constant incorporation of new data, which form and change our perception of reality.

That is why you should never follow the advice of anyone, with or without authority of any kind, who dictates that you should NOT listen to other people or sources of information. Because it will limit you to a fixed data base and therefore manipulated to the interests of those who claim to have greater spiritual, ethical and moral advancement. Stopping the formation of your own and personal base.

A truly Holistic Society will be the result of this free-thinking mentality of a people. A highly educated, ethical, moral and spiritual people become impossible to be controlled by external agents, and at the same time will create a social model according to the exact and particular needs of that society, creating harmony and not chaos.

A people with high ethics, morality and spirituality will defend itself. And it will create its reality according to what it is as its own entity. Thus it will manifest it. Its society will be its own Egregor.

Within the framework of understanding why a Holistic Society or any ethical, moral or spiritual model cannot be imposed, is that no person can understand anything that is outside the contextual framework of his own understanding and the limits of his own consciousness. That is to say, for a person to understand advanced concepts he must have in mind and fully understand previous elements that give him a support and a basis from which to start to understand major concepts, whether metaphysical or technical. Therefore, it is not possible to explain something complex to someone who does not have the necessary previous bases for its breakdown and subsequent incorporation into his person and consciousness.

Each person or group of people must first develop these foundations, therefore they must advance in consciousness, spirituality, morality, and ethics before they can aspire to form a truly Holistic Society. This means that they must form a series of societies according to their current level but have the flexible foundations that allow them to move towards a Holistic Society without stagnating in previous stifling and militant models such as those known on Earth.

First develop spirituality, ethics and morals, then the society according to your level will emerge on its own. So the main focus is on developing those three critical elements and not on forcing a political model that cannot be implemented on a people because when a Holistic Society is imposed it automatically destroys itself as such. It ceases to be.

Gosia: Thank you Yazhi. I have a question. You said above that on Earth there is this mentality of scarcity, materialism etc... but I feel that, by the mere existence of the system as it is on Earth now, with money, having to work to survive, it will be impossible to eradicate this mentality from human society. Because it is one thing to implement ethics and all this in the society that has everything and replicators at home, and free meals, than in the society that has nothing if you don't work for it. So is the eradication of system based on money and work for money the requirement to have a really advanced Holistic Society?

Yazhi: Yes, because you enter into a vicious circle, circle that you are in as a planetary people. So we enter into the realm of what I am trying to describe in my last words, the need to develop political transition models with direction and intention towards the development of a real Holistic Society.

This means that in order to get out of a vicious circle such as the one that afflicts humanity, there must necessarily be an external agent that changes the direction or dynamics that cause such vicious circle. Which again leads us to the need for non-human tutors, members of real Holistic Societies, and formed by anthropomorphic beings and with high empathy and understanding, especially with respect to the human situation and condition.

However, such mentorship does not necessarily have to be given directly, overtly, but as spiritual intervention, under the table. As it is already happening or has been happening in the last 70 years on Earth and accelerated since the year 2000 with the arrival of whole new waves of Starseeds and Step Downs in all their modalities, degrees and variants.

As for the monetary system, while the need for a new, fairer system for all is evident, there is a danger that the dynamics of George Orwell's "Animal Farm" will be generated again. Being that I do see the eradication of money possible, with some transition, and only because I recognize that most people on Earth do not understand how it is possible to function without it. But yes, it is possible.

But it is possible if you change the base mentality that forms the need for money, and that is the mentality of lack, that there are not enough resources for everyone, and this is formed by the idea or need to satisfy needs in a material way and not in a spiritual way. That is, people need a lot of things to be happy, and not much inner wealth.

This would then be one of the first things to change. Like, for example, that people are truly happy because they learned a new language, and not because they have a late model car as an aspiration of satisfaction and purpose in life.

Robert: But there seems to be little effect of that outside help.

Yazhi: Because they have countered that form of outside help with direct methods of control over the population with a view to stopping this spiritual breakthrough that many call the Great Awakening.

So there is no longer time for the starseeds to develop influence over the Earth social Matrix, and so again we get into the topic of some form of direct intervention being necessary. Even if it is still 'under the table' but in a more direct and expeditious way. Because if there is something we do not have today is time. And this is difficult to understand for non-human races living in other time frames of perception.

Even though such intervention or external inspiration is necessary, the people of Earth should not wait for that to happen, nor should they hope to receive such help which, as I have described above, whether or not it is sufficient, is already underway in the form of incarnated starseeds and other variants of subtle extraterrestrial presence present there.

Gosia: I feel that ethics and morals must be well defined. Because there are different types of ethics I imagine, and they change according to levels and interest etc. Also, what do you recommend practically for people, that they should not create models, political and social structures of such a society yet, but focus on developing spirituality, ethics and morals first?

Yazhi: Yes. I know that they should strive to create a transitional political model that will allow them to work out the necessary components while those three elements of the people mentality develop. But that political model is not a Holistic Society, but only a stopgap, temporary.

The problem here is that any transitional political model that is formed will again be under the conditions described in the text above, in that it will only reflect the average consciousness of the people themselves. The model that many would think could serve as a transitional method would be Socialism, which we have seen does not work, because Socialism or Communism is definitely NOT a Holistic Society.

Remembering that the moment a group imposes a socio-political structure with the idea that this is a Holistic Society on another group of people, it will cease to be a Holistic Society immediately, destroying the concept.

So the only way to defeat these problems is with the advancement of consciousness, ethics, spirituality and morality of the group of people in question. Those three points are so critical that without them a Holistic Society simply cannot exist.

That is another problem I have to talk about. Spirituality, ethics, morals are just words and their meaning differs from person to person, so a basic framework should be made to guide the definition of these three points. So here it would already be intervention on my part or on our part because I would be imposing my own definitions of ethics, morality and spirituality on the human race. Which opens again to what I also said above; the need for some kind of mentoring from a non-human but anthropomorphic and highly empathic race. 

"Holographic" - HOLISTIC Society - Transitional Societies are Possible - Yazhi Swaruu

Originally in Spanish - November 2021

Yazhi: The subject of the Holistic Society has a complicated element to be discussed at this point. We have said that the basis of the Holistic Society depends on the spirituality, ethics and morals of a people. But spirituality, ethics, and morals, that´s sort of super compressed terms so that we don't have to explain that in detail while talking about the main subject of the Holistic Society. But if we do turn our attention to look more closely at these three points, we find strong problems of definition and description.

It turns out that in defining spirituality, morality, and ethics we find that they are not even the appropriate words or one more than the other, because all three carry a load of meanings that turn out to be relative to each person or group.

For example, morality vs. ethics. It turns out that morals that´s something pertaining more to religion. While ethics is more expanded. However, there are whole books just to define those three things. As for spirituality, 90% or more of the Terrestrial population takes it as part of religion, as in it goes hand in hand, religion is spirituality. Or religion is to get spirituality. As for ethics, and this goes for morality as well, what is ethical for one person or group of people will not be ethical for others, and furthermore that changes with the passage of time.

So we find that it is not possible to define ethics, morality and spirituality based on how they are seen on Earth. It is worth mentioning that I do not find any translation or equivalent of morality outside of Earth so it seems something inherently associated with religion. Off Earth you do have ethics, but not morality as such.

So it is quite difficult to define those three things for the public since each one will understand the message according to who he is and his cultural and personal background, thus creating distortions of our information. So this would end up forcing us to define what spirituality, morality and ethics are for us who are describing and writing this.

However, even here we would then be imposing a series of norms to follow that would only end up destroying the very concept of Holistic Society by turning it into a rigid structure based solely on our perception and definition of those three points. So I have no choice but to go deeper.

So going deeper, I insist that mentioning ethics, morality and spirituality is describing things in a simplified way in order to describe a point, the previous one, but the very basis of the Holistic Society would come from the total mentality of a people.

The new society that "will inherit the Earth", they already have it. That is to say that they are destroying the present human society at planetary level, but they have already made and structured and formed and in operation the new human society that will follow.

It´s already there, they already have it, it's not going to be formed by changing the normal people on the street, because they are unpredictable even with nano-Graphene and all that, that they will only use to lead the society to destruction.

Robert: And how would that society be? Total slavery?

Yazhi: Total slavery, yes, but formed from below, where even as total slaves they will not see it, because they do not know any other form or social structure than the one they were born into. That is why it is not feasible for them to want to transform modern society towards transhumanism and tyranny as many say. Because for them it is easier to form a new social structure, with a new controlled human mentality, than to change an already existing social structure and human mentality, like the one that is on Earth now.

So what they have done is to form a human mental structure that fits into their controlled New World Order society, and already having that in hand and functioning, then destroy until completely erasing the current human society on a planetary level, and then inheriting the Earth to their previously prepared and controlled society.

And the present society and all their agendas of transhumanism and social control turn out to be only measures to control said population, while they destroy it, using them all, and in all countries, as a test laboratory to develop and perfect their new society. They already have the new one. Now they just need to destroy the current one. Remove the unusable to introduce the new. That is what I see them doing.

Gosia: But who will be left in the end? I know, yes, those they are interested in, but what kind of people are they interested in? Not the unvaccinated, right? And the vaccinated ones are useless. So which ones will they keep?

Yazhi: They have people who have already been genetically changed by them, and who have never lived outside of that kind of slavery. They have secretly prepared cities to populate with them. Those people are already there. Many of them in already controlled places but some of them, as a test, walk among the normal population. But they are fewer. And I'm talking about the number of inhabitants that the Earth is said to have as written in the Georgia Stones.

Robert: And in Egypt they are creating a great city that is now empty.

Yazhi: And in China, and in various parts of the Sahara, and the subterrenean bases, and I don't doubt that in some other parts of the world that we haven't seen. But most of those pre-prepared cities are in China, in the north.

But that transhumanist, ultra-repressive world they talk about is NOT what the controllers are aiming for, it is not what they are looking for as an end product. That is only one step or series of steps to be taken for the total destruction of today's society. Necessary steps to prevent people from organizing against them since the people are many and they are few.

The final product would be an ultra-modern almost utopian society, where the inhabitants are super controlled at the genetic level and at the level of thought, to the degree that they will not know they are, because they do not know another world, another way of existing. Very technological, but with a government that from our point of view will be repressive and tyrannical.

But the inhabitants of that post-"reset" society will not know it, nor will they have any memory of the current society. And they will again be given a false history of humanity, prepared by the controllers, and perfected without the old holes of modern or current religions and mind control systems.

They tell you this, all of you, but you have no eyes to see. When you are told that you will have nothing, nothing will be your property but you will be happy for example.

That would be the end result, the one they are seeking. A totally controlled society that does not know any other way to live, that sees this repression and total control as normal and accepted, and with a false staged past that the controllers invent for them.

But the important thing to say here, and I don't think anyone is saying it online, is that this super controlled tyrannical transhumanist world that you see coming is NOT the end result. Because it turns out that just as we can't implement a real Holistic Society because of the current human mentality, the controllers can't implement their super controlled utopian New World Order world either, because of the same mentality of the current people. This is a super important point.

So what they must do is cultivate people with the genetics and mindset appropriate to their interests and plans, and then introduce them ready-made into a society they have by design.

In the same way that we, for example, also cannot introduce a real Holistic Society, without people progressing mentally and in consciousness towards the right direction first. That is, developing spirituality, morality and ethics that I spoke of in the previous article, using those words for lack of better ones, as I have already explained above.

So, stated clearly and without measuring myself or worrying about if I look socially appropriate or not... in both cases, either to introduce a New World Order or to introduce a real Holistic Society, it requires the destruction of the current terrestrial society and the transcendence (death) of most of its inhabitants. I know it sounds horrible... but it is the sad and disturbing truth.

However, unlike a New World Order and its plans, what we can offer or say is that a transitional society with a view to an improvement in the quality of life of people already alive can be given, without resorting to genocide.

But this would depend on a restructuring of the current society in small steps, but in the direction of empowering people and not destroying them. This is where Taygeta's proposal to the local Federation comes in, a proposal of 2021 that was promptly denied. Knowing that to implement such a proposal or any similar move, the Cabal on Earth, the misnamed "Elite", would have to give up their power systems. And that they will not do. Leaving the situation as one of survival choice: of the "Elite" or survival of the Earth population.

This situation causes the Federation to be exposed as permissive and as supporting the "Elite", as mentioned before. Causing innumerable problems and frictions between the very races of the Federation especially between the Lyrian races and the non-Lyrians because of complex cultural differences between them. Of perception of reality, such as empathy and perception of emotions, which are not equal between the very so-called positive races.

But yes, it will be possible to implement progressive societies or political systems with a view to implement a Holistic Society in the future.

But for me to say that a real Holistic Society cannot be implemented on Earth is because of the very mentality of the people on Earth. At present they do not have the mentality, or base of consciousness, necessary to form a Holistic Society. And since people do not really change, as a rule, then they would irremediably return to form the same conditions that caused the present disaster. Because people shape their governments and their reality. Whether they like it or not.

People would only change if they were immersed in a dominant frequency. That is to say, introducing a minority of normal minded but good humans, they would adopt or follow the rules and norms and mentality of an existing Holistic Society as happens when human people are extracted and introduced to another culture on another planet like Taygeta for example.

However, yes, a transitional society can be implemented on Earth. How advanced it is will depend on the people themselves. So will how long it will take to develop a real Holistic Society.

You see, what people outside say about a "Holographic Society" is NOT a real Holistic Society like the one that already exists but on other planets. And it only looks like utopia, but it is not, it only depends on the mentality and the level of consciousness of its inhabitants.

Robert: I understand, thank you. What do you mean by this above: "cultivating people with genetics." Like human farms?

Yazhi: Yes. This brings us to another point that I want to clarify or make very clear to the public.
It is not that there was no genetic manipulation to the human body, for example in Sumeria and later, this is happening even right now. It´s just that in addition to the artificial genetic change, a mentality of perception must be introduced in people that sustains such artificial genetic change.

Or else people will revert their genes to reflect their "souls", for lack of better words. As is also happening today with the so-called Great Awakening. And what is also causing people to be genetically changed again today with vaccines and nano graphene which is basically Black Goo, because nano graphene is component of Black Goo or some Black Goo because there are many, or 3 major groups, positive, negative and natural.

So the genetics must be artificially altered, and then a perception of reality must be formed in the changed individual for his mind to sustain the artificial genetic change. Two steps. Artificial change sustained by change of perception.

And this brings us back to the above. They will not be able to execute their ultimate utopian transhumanist New World Order Society, with the mindset and perception of reality of the current world population, which causes them to have to exterminate them. Because the "new" population they have ready to replace the current human population, already has, by design and necessarily, a changed and controlled perception mentality that is in accordance with the artificial genetic changes they have already made to them.

Robert: It is all well orchestrated. And people will have no way or means to differentiate what their thoughts are from those that are imposed with artificial telepathy? And there is no way for them to see that their perceptions are being influenced?

Yazhi: They are not going to realize it because they have never lived outside of that social paradigm. And this is exactly what already happened on Earth with controlled perception for thousands of years, accentuated in the last 200 years, because it is more of the same.

People were already artificially altered and then sustained with mind control to guide a deterministic and limited perception of life to sustain the genetic changes applied on them. Being that initially no artificial genetic alteration was necessary but mind control and perception of reality was sufficient to sustain a world as desired by the controllers. But I do accept that there have been artificial genetic alterations to the human genome in the past.

This is where I do differ somewhat from the information given by my predecessor Swaruu of Erra, who I recall had in mind empowering the human race over having to accept that they were artificially altered. Because as she said, it is not an impediment nor are they limited, because if the mind is liberated, it controls and changes the DNA of the individual and returns it to reflect their consciousness - Original Source.

Robert: I understand that they will "give" technology to the population to guide their perception to another reality, yes.

Yazhi: Basically, all the base reality information they give to humans is false. And so they will give it again, more lies, that´s how they will give it to the inhabitants of their New World Order.

And again I insist that both the Bible, Old and New Testament, and the Sumerian Tablets, Books of Enoch and so forth, are nothing more than more bibles made with a view to control the perception of reality of the inhabitants of Earth.

Gosia: Quick question, Yazhi. You have said here that the creation of a Holistic Society also requires the destruction of a large part of the population. What do you mean here? That genocide is then also necessary for that? But we are fighting against genocide. Or are we really not fighting against genocide but for some starseeds to survive with whom later new societies will be implemented? Anéeka said that she sees other options that the Cabal does not see, instead of genocide. Restructuring everything with non-human mentors. Could you please clarify this part a bit? What do you mean by also needing population elimination to build positive society?

Yazhi: You cannot build a truly Holistic Society with the people who are in mass majority on planet Earth today. People do not change enough and they will go back to the bad attitudes they caused. So to implement the Holistic Society you must evolve and that means that, one way or another, you must, or will have to... cause the destruction of the current Earth society and culture. You cannot fill a glass with something new if the glass is already full.

But that does not mean that you should exterminate those who are alive today, it does not mean that genocide should take place. As I was saying, you can and must provide a progressive new social base toward the right direction toward Holistic Societies. But you must evolve in that direction at your pace without the intervention that keeps you trapped in deterministic and victim mentality that keeps you locked into the so-called 3D Matrix.

Gosia: Good. It was necessary to clarify that the destruction of society to implement the new one does not have to mean killing.

Yazhi: It is never necessary to "kill" and it is never an option. But the fact here is that we know that as a mass, the people, the population that determines the dominant frequency of consciousness and thought on Earth, will NOT change in, or during, a single incarnation, the present one that concerns us.

As we have said before, you cannot force people to change, you can only offer them a better choice. But people on Earth, yes, they have mentality bases that they should change and that I will explain later, but good luck with modifying the whole society, their mentality, in that direction, as they are already programmed and with a fractalized and broken or fragmented mind-consciousness because of the mind control they are subjected to with the trauma base - MK Ultra.

It is possible to evolve within the same incarnation, of course it is, and many souls achieve it. The problem is that the social mass will not be able to. What concerns us here is the mass or majority that forms the current human society, and those will not evolve in such a short time. This creates the need to cause a social dynamic that will lead them in the right direction. The first step is the elimination of negative interference.

Because I see that if the human being is not interfered with, he has a tendency to gravitate towards a positive direction. Proof of this is that everything that is causing a lag in human development is of artificial intervention origin, such as the economy, the religious bases that dominate and control spirituality, ethics and morals, and also all the manipulation in the media in the form of mind control that dictates the mass of the general population how they should live and what values and aspirations they should have.

Not to mention false flags and all that which is more trauma based perception manipulation, with a view to impose MK Ultra characteristics, trauma causing mindset change to the direction the controllers desire. It is all mind control. However, the Matrix or the database that shapes and governs life on 3D Earth is totally artificially manipulated with a view to perpetuate agendas and interests of the few.

Another example of this is the direct manipulation by the controllers through governments of everything concerning human trafficking, drugs, and organized crime among others, which is not a direct consequence of the human mentality as such, but is a social response to the manipulation of the controllers, with a view to impose fear (MK Ultra bases) in order to control society. Many times also with a view to simply stop the progress of human consciousness.

Just by withdrawing that kind of intervention we would have the basis for humanity as a mass to move towards a direction that corresponds to a truly Holistic Society.

It is not necessary to disincarnate to evolve, because sometimes you evolve a lot in the same incarnation, and many other times you can live many incarnations without evolving, as is quite common on Earth with its loops of reincarnation to which its population is subjected.

Gosia: And how does this having to intervene in this way fit in with what we always say that they have to help themselves without interventions?

Yazhi: And so it would have to be. They should evolve as a mass at their own pace because we cannot impose a way of being on them.

However, as I said above, even with their character flaws common to all humanity, yes, they have a clear tendency to develop in a positive direction if the regressive intervention is removed. So just by removing the Cabal, the controllers, they would begin to move as a mass towards the positive.

However, this is also a theory, because seen from a more expanded level or point of attention of consciousness, we see that they are not a single race, only from the point of view of the biological body, because inside what manages them turns out to be a whole range or zoo of entities or species using the same bio-suit, which increases the difficulty of what we wish to achieve.

So the withdrawal of the intervention of the regressive forces, Cabal-Controllers, should also include the withdrawal of humans or entities in human bio-suit of regressive tendency. To remove those who are considered regressive hybrids from the human population to prevent them from continuing to intervene with their destructive mentality.

And this can be achieved with the influencing the awareness of the human population, over time, of what truly makes up or forms a race or species, and this, coupled with the new positive progressive trends, will create a toxic environment that is not conducive to the life of such regressive hybrids. But this again requires several generations. Or at least one more where the entire population of human bio-suits will be completely regenerated.

Gosia: But the Cabal comes from the people themselves, doesn't it? Forcibly withdrawing it will have short term results only, won't it? Then it would come back if people's mentality doesn't change.

Yazhi: As I have explained before, the Cabal, the controllers, whoever they are and at whatever level they are, are an Egregor formed by the mass-mentality of the human population. Change the mass mentality, and: those Egregors cannot remain.

All the mind control that the human race is being subjected to is for self-maintenance in power, in existence. That is the famous Lush, it is creative attention based on suffering that causes the attention focused on the feeding of these kinds of entities and organizations.

Now, mentioning what I said above, the things that the human population must change that I consider as attributes that only cause problems for everybody, is that they always have a mentality of determinism, of victims and suffering, of only seeing what exists in the material world as the real thing.

Also the fact that the human being has a great tendency to stay in his comfort zone, if he is not forced to move forward because his comfort zone is no longer so "comfortable" caused by... a whole host of reasons, such as the very consequences of wanting to stay in that comfort zone, which causes them to delegate their power, and causes other regressive minded people who encourage the creation of other Egregor-entities to take control over them under the promise of continuing to feed their comfort zone, and end up dominating and controlling all their lives. It ends up forming the controlling Egregor-like Cabal that reflects the average human mentality.

Having studied and observed the behavior of the human race over the last 3000 years, how they react to what stimulus and what causes them stimulus (controlled historical events), I see clearly that the mass of the human population even with its faults has a strong tendency towards progressing in the right direction. They have an enormous tendency to want to be in peace, calm, enjoying life and the simple things, without wanting further complications.

But that same mentality of seeking to be at peace is the result of their perception of not being at peace as a consequence of having delegated their power to members of their society who get stimulated by power of all kinds, and that is because of what they have lived through before, their personal experiences, often traumatic, that form that egocentric and unemphatic predatory mentality, which in turn generates the Egregors in the form of regressive entities without connection to the Original Source, who for that reason depend on the creative attention of the human being based on the perception and feeling of the average mentality of the mass of the human population. Creating a vicious loop circle which must also be broken, and which humanity must transcend.

So this means that the mass of regressive entities in the form of hybrids of races like Maitre and Reptilians (called by others Vlash hybrids (description from the Karistus point of view)) is reduced in comparison with the rest of the mass of souls (for lack of a better name) in human bio-suit. So by dominant frequency or by mass human attitude or mentality, life on Earth will no longer be compatible with the appearance and existence of hybrid entities of regressive races.

This can be clearly seen in Taygeta, which on more than one occasion tried to be invaded in multiple ways, such as the importation of agendas and mind control with a view to dominate the population. These efforts will create disturbances in the society but they do not stick, they do not remain, and they will be eliminated by the same mentality and level of consciousness of the mass-population of Taygeta or any other society with strong Holistic Society foundations.

Gosia: Yes, but how to change this mentality if we also agree that it is super difficult because there are so many species in humans? And how many generations would that require?

Yazhi: At least one or two total generations. That is to say that the members of the previous one that have not been able to evolve in life in a satisfactory way are no longer alive. That is to say, to remove the influence of attitudes and values that previously were the source of the 3D human Matrix feeding it.

Robert: What I don't understand is that if we are a reflection of those above, how have they solved it being a zoo of races too? Just not focusing on the regressive?

Yazhi: Because the zoo of races, or within it... there is a progressive majority, with all their differences, creating on Earth a reflection or micro cosmos copy of the Federation or the dynamics of relationships between races and species of at least this quadrant of the Galaxy. All compressed and summarized on Earth.

But being that the positive races are the dominant ones in quantity on Earth, it could be summarized that there are two great groups of beings that form the Terrestrial 3D Matrix:

1.) The positive ones as a mass set
2.) The regressive ones, also as a mass set

Today with the appearance of an enormous amount of starseeds (coupled with other complex causes) a separation of two worlds has been created on Earth, those who desire the positive and to progress towards more Holistic Societies, and those who desire to perfect the dystopian regressive transhumanist Matrix.

So this is the nature of the struggle from the soul level, two very large forces clashing right now. Where the vast majority are under the control of the regressive tendencies, either actively or just as pawns for following the system. As explained in the movie-documentary Matrix, anyone still connected to the Matrix will be an agent of the system and with it, will defend it.

But although in a minority of numbers, there is another large progressive mass that desires the development of a more just Society with Holistic tendencies, mostly due to the influence of people-souls (for lack of a better name) in the form of starseeds that, although few in number, their planetary range of influence is much greater than that of the regressives, creating now a real and strong struggle between 500 sheep-zombies controlled by Cabal-Controller Egregors against 5 Urmah lions armed to the teeth (excuse the simile). So even if the starseeds are at a numerical disadvantage of 10,000 against 1, the strength of the fight is very intense, not to say balanced.

The battle is more than anything spiritual, of consciences, of mind against mind. And it is only reflected in the physical world with the current chaos. The action is on the spiritual side. But it is fought also from the physical side as we are doing together now It looks like little, IT IS NOT.

It is everything. The struggle is of minds, of knowledge. Remembering once again that those against whom you fight is against yourselves, which is then reflected as Egregors like the Cabal. This is of utmost importance.

Removing that defeatist, deterministic human mentality, the mentality of small children who depend on authorities to solve their existence, will automatically eliminate the Cabal and the rest of the Egregors that afflict humanity today. They are only their reflection. This is noticed and seen simply because the Cabal depends on humanity to give them power. If they do not cooperate then nothing will feed the Cabal and it will have to disappear.

Those who support the Cabal are more Egregors, and personal Tulpas, which we can also describe as regressive hybrids, which are just more arms of the Cabal which, I insist, is only a reflection of the human mentality.

When people say that there are those with a lot of power who are repressing them, mostly old decrepit mummies who only live by taking adrenochrome... I will tell them: Who gave them that power if not the people themselves by obeying? What in their minds they regard as authorities but are only a product of their mentality of delegating their own power.

Gosia: Thank you Yazhi. And one question. You said that humans have positive tendencies. Positive tendencies yes, but they have still created and manifested the existence or closeness of these hybrids and negative entities. They came out of them and their subconscious, right? So they not only have positive tendencies because they have also created circumstances and environment to be parasitized. Or at least that's what I have understood so far.

Yazhi: Yes because that is another layer of all this. The creation of loops or vicious circles, where the dark fragmented parts of the human psyche are created by trauma that they have inflicted on themselves because of the same mentality, either personally with defeatist attitudes when they know it should not be so... up to the formation of strong Egregors such as governments and Cabal, which in themselves are a reflection of the internal chaos of each human being that is reflected outwardly, giving once again example to the saying that people have the governments they deserve because of their mentality.

So once again I will say that the key is to change themselves. Work on themselves as I have said many times before, and ideally everyone en masse should work on themselves. And in the eradication of personal and self-thought forms that are keeping them in victim mentality and in determinism destructive to personal progress and with it to the progress of society and planetary culture. Resulting in them moving in the positive direction and towards the development of a Holistic Society that is appropriate for them and by unique and proper design that corresponds to them for each step or level that they have as a mass population. 

Holisitic Society - Questions for Athena and Yazhi - Main Points - Live with Gosia

These are the comments and questions from Yazhi Swaruu and Athena Swaruu that I read in the live:

Hitler - comment

Yazhi: Someone in the comments mentioned a book that says that "debunked" whether Hitler was put there by the Cabal. It just so happens that you don't know what or who is behind that book in the first place, because they always put out books and experts to skew the narrative in the direction they want.

It also happens that very well that book could be right from the perspective that it wasn't the Rothchild’s or the Rockefellers who funded it, which for me yes because I have other kinds of connections, or connecting the dots in other ways. But let's say the author is right.

It turns out that the Cabal as such is not restricted only to what semi-awakened people call the Deep State. They fall short there. I mean the Cabal behind the Cabal because everything is layered, compartmentalized. So the book, if correct, would only prove that one specific faction of the Cabal did not fund it but another did. The Cabal does not stay at the average "Illuminati" level of conspiratorial understanding.

The comment said: "What he (the author) found was the NSDAP (Hitlers party) was a dynamic grassroots political party with overwhelming financial support from blue collar, working class Germans."

And who do you think is behind it?

Well, the Illuminati Jesuits from other factions, who are going to be connected to Kings of England and Winston Churchill among others since the connections for me are more than evident just by reading their Masonic symbology that links them together and seeing the blood connection between Hitler and the Kings of England also. "It all runs in the family".

My point is that the book may very well be totally accurate. But the Cabal does not stop there. They never operate with a single method of control, everything is fragmented so that no level, no matter how deep or strong, can access what happens at levels below it.

That person commenting the book is pushing the narrative that Hitler came out of nowhere. That is officialistic. Not in a thousand years does something like that come out of nowhere. It was put there on purpose using even false flags (the burning of the state archive and library in Berlin in 1933). They used psychologists to manipulate the German population exploiting the fact that their pride was hurt and that they were limited by the sanctions imposed by the league of nations after the first world war. That is why they fell for Hitler's demagogy, but... no leader who shows his face to the public is a real leader, they are all puppets of others behind who never show their faces and who in turn have other "handlers" behind and so on.

Another question:

Gosia: You said in the second part of the Holistic Society that they already have their new society prepared. With genetically altered people and all. That those people have never seen other systems. That sometimes they go out and walk the streets. What exactly do you mean by that? Where are they keeping these people? Underground?

Yazhi: Yes, they've had them for a long time, they've been doing total human cloning since at least the '30s. They are used to fill positions that need complete puppets but lately this has been replaced by more efficient methods of mind control, for example Graphene.

Yes, they have ready made people who are not necessarily clones, but are already indoctrinated to function within their NWO. For example, most of these kind of "smart" people, clones or not, are in China, logically for total control.

They infiltrate society, clones or not, to alter things in the direction they want, see them as anti-starseeds, with the opposite effect, to impose Matrixification. They may or may not be clones, because the control over the population is almost total in certain sectors.

For example, and answering someone's question, what happened in the Corregidora stadium in Quéretaro Mexico, where the crowd went crazy and there were many dead, something that the official version denies but there are reliable statements with photos that there were dozens of dead.

I have known for years, and I have told you this, that they control the reactions of the crowds using artificial telepathy from the Guen Towers of the cell phone networks. And the stadiums are energetic feeders of tulpas and regressive egregors.

Gosia: But where are these people? Underground?

Yazhi: Yes, mostly but, as I said above, they are released or positioned on the surface among the normal population. They are the ones that prove to be the most Matrix, the ones that defend the system, the ones that are the most soulless. They are many variants of them.

They are either clones, mind controlled people from very young age with MK Ultra systems, with graphenes, and the so called Hybrids of human and alien, (note that I use the word alien not ET, which is positive). What other races like Karistus call Vlash and Maitre hybrids. As I said, it is a soup of races and variables down there. And this goes links with unreal, or Back Drop people.

Robert: And what languages do they speak?

Yazhi: Depending on the location, virtually all of them.

Gosia: So they are not mainly in China.

Yazhi: Those in China are the ones who are like population to fill the cities. Normal population all ready, already brainwashed and with a proper mentality. They are people, some of them with souls, they just don't know any other way of living than NWO. Because the majority of what I referred to as "already ready" I mean people who have never known any other way of living than in that kind of repression and that kind of political system.

Robert: Why want something if you are already happy? Why have expansion of consciousness if you already have a family, a job and material goods.

Yazhi: That's why most normal people today don't wake up. Because they are immersed and happy with their well-paying jobs, their new cars, their trips and their children in renowned universities. It takes a certain degree of resistance and suffering to generate the desire to learn more about the nature of reality. That is why Tina (Athena) said that the Middle Class is the dangerous one for the Cabal. Because most of the poor are just surviving, the rich are happy with the system that feeds them well. But it is the Middle Class that knows what it is to live well, and also knows what suffering is, thinks and sees that this is not fair. The Middle Class is the thinking one for that reason. Because they have enough friction in their lives to push them out of their comfort zone. Generalizing of course because there is no lack of the poor enlightened and the starseed who is rich.

Another question:

Gosia: You said in part two that the destruction of society is necessary for both sides. Do you mean that we are somehow benefiting from the effects of vaccines - from people dying?

Yazhi: Yes (conditionally) and mainly NO.

No because people dying only gives the NWO a chance to establish itself faster, because they control their plan. That is to say that the Cabal must eliminate those who work against them as they already got too many out of hand because of starseeds and infiltrated ETs mostly. So they must eradicate the mentality of the people, mentality that does not serve their purposes. Ideas of freedom, possession of goods, and control over what they think.

Otherwise NWO cannot be imposed if the awakened would not cooperate, or simply because the very mentality of the average human already knows what it is like to live in a socio-political system with more freedom so they will not accept the new ultra-repressive NWO rules as people who were born into the NWO system and do not rebel because they do not know any other way of existence.

Gosia: But what if we, the "positive" side, take advantage of that? Since we also needed the same. The eradication of the mentality of the common people.

Yazhi: In the same way that the Cabal needs to eliminate people with the mentality that would not cooperate with their plans, in order to try to insert or develop a Holistic Society, it is necessary to remove (not to use the word eliminate) the majority of people who simply follow the same inflexible retrograde ideas that define today's consumer and FIAT economy society. Simply because they will not accept a different Holistic Society either.

As an example, they will continue to be immersed in the ideas of Work Hard to Deserve, classicist ideas, and racist ideas among all the other ones that the Cabal itself has imposed on them in order to give them the right mentality to be exploited.

So in all sincerity, whether to develop a repressive dystopian NWO society or to develop a truly Holistic Society, in both cases you must "remove" the population with fixed mentality, and not compatible with what you want to have as a final result. Otherwise it will not be possible.

In fact, to develop a Holistic Society you need to remove more people with incompatible mentalities than to develop the repressive dystopian NWO, simply because to develop the NWO you can, and will impose measures of active repression, punishment and fear, and to develop a Holistic Society, you can not impose anything but it must develop or must be born from the fertile soil itself generated by the coherence of the empathic and harmonious positive mentality of its inhabitants. Otherwise it would not be a Holistic Society but would fall into Communism.

Another question:

Gosia: You have said somewhere in part two that the key, one of, would be to withdraw the influence of the Cabal and regressive entities, egregors etc. I understand that by that you don't mean PHYSICAL withdrawal like the Hashmallim coming down and removing them... but that the people themselves, consciously moving towards new perspectives, would make the environment around them toxic to the existence of such entities and the Cabal?

Yazhi: That's right, mostly by removing the dynamics that form them. Alenym at last night's meeting gave an interesting example or analogy for that. Us or the Federation helping humanity is the same as meeting an inebriated friend of yours and taking away his bottle. Tomorrow when you're gone, he'll buy another one. And he'll go on with the same attitude and desires. You have to teach him why he should not continue with Tequila.

You take away the thought dynamic that forms the tulpas and egregors and the problem is solved because the Cabal, no matter how deep it is, cannot exist without people. That's why they want to control them. That's why they don't just annihilate them. Because they need to exploit their manifesting creative potential of the reality that the Cabal desires because they, being egregors (soulless with no connection to the Original Source), cannot sustain their existence alone, and the human population CAN.

Robert: In other words, for the Cabal to exist, there has to be a number of people around. They can't exterminate them all. They need the creators.

Gosia: Yes, because if they destroy them all, who will continue to manifest them?

Yazhi: Exactly. That is why they need to guide humanity to be a human farm that maximizes the efficiency of exploiting what they want. They will never be able to destroy everyone, or they will destroy themselves, that is why they need to farm them.

Like the farmer who can't kill all his chickens or he won't have anything to eat. He will only do it sparingly and have them under his control in pens, so he won't have to go running after every hen every time he needs a chicken soup.

Gosia: So, in that NWO, some will be clones, some transhumanists whatever... the rest guided.

Yazhi: Clones are human behavior modifiers. Like starseeds but to the opposite side. Clones, MK ultras and regressive hybrids are like sheepdogs. Starseeds are the ones who at night open the pens for them to escape.

Another question:

Gosia: Some people have asked about transition societies. Are there any concrete steps to follow to develop them?

Swaruu X (Athena): I don't have the answer because it has not been seen, not so, that is our idea but it is in development. The case of Earth is quite unique. It is true that yes, there would be some society in transition, because it is a long process between a rigid political model and a Holistic one.

But in my opinion, the population should only focus on eliminating everything that holds them back for their personal development and as a society, focusing on the development of consciousness as Yazhi says, the rest will come out only as its own reflection. That is what defines Holistic Societies.

Gosia: Ok thank you. So no buying land and planting carrots to be independent, as a requirement?

Swaruu X (Athena): I'm not saying no, that's a good personal start, of course. That is your mentality reflecting outward. That's where it starts, of course it helps. It's a reflection of who you are, and that reflection is much better than relying on the industrialized consumer society for your living. So it does help. Basically people should just follow what makes them grow and what makes them happy. Their society will come out of that automatically.

You could emulate a Holistic Society with councils too, yes. That in itself is already done on Earth in many places.

Gosia: But to establish these transitional societies, do you have to isolate yourself?

Swaruu X (Athena): As far as isolation is concerned, yes, obviously, however, it would only have local results for the isolated ones, not at the planetary level, and their very results will depend on their level of independence from the rest of the world, being that they will always be subject to attacks of all kinds. This is because the Matrix will tend to attack what is not theirs, because of the effect of the Dominant Frequency which expresses itself in many ways.

Eliminating money in one of these communities would only limit them to what they can produce, thus making them vulnerable to attacks, from simple droughts that disrupt agriculture, to not being able to defend themselves from an armed invasion because they do not possess the same resources for defense.

Therefore, a limited model would only serve as an example to others, and yes, it is necessary. However, it is difficult to achieve entirely within the same planet because of what I have just explained. The real conclusive result can only be given when it is at the planetary level.

However, what I have just said does not in any way mean that you should not try it at the local level, because you have to start somewhere. Always with a view to the self-protection of the group.

And it has been done before and by many. Countless people have gone off grid. It works for them and if everyone did it would be very good for the cause. They succeed, although with limited effects.

But for example, it works for of people from middle age to older, but if they have children they will want to be part of society. And from their point of view they will be right.

On the other hand, The global result will have to come out of the whole and the sum of everyone's local efforts. The larger the group, the better, ideally at the planetary level.

People see that as very difficult but that is because they have the mentality that this is too much. From my point of view, for example, to say that, the planetary level, is not only normal but limited. Since I am used to seeing many multi-planetary civilizations, the Urmah being the champion of them all.

Holistic Society, and this is important to understand, comes out of the mentality of the people themselves. It is not a farm or two. And the farms have owners. And that's enough to start a problem among the residents of that farm. And it has to be owned or society will invade them, the government will tax them and all that. The owner becomes the oligarch. The one who dictates the rules and then said community automatically becomes communist. A Holistic Society is NOT Communism. And that's enough to start a problem among the residents of said farm.

But trying it is very good, that is a step to follow, and if more people do it the closer, they get to the Holistic Society goal. The problem is that the Matrix Itself stops them there with limitations, like the administration of tax obligations, resources and who is the leader, even if they call them the Elder they will have an "I rule and you don't" mentality. It is a step yes, but it is still far from being a Holistic Society.

Besides in the Holistic Societies of advanced level, the technology plays a very important role by the automation of systems that lighten the burden of the necessary cumbersome work.

Gosia: I see it as a very difficult goal in the end.

Swaruu X (Athena): That is why we must first eliminate the trains of thought of the population that feeds the Cabal that in turn limits them.

What Are Wars? All Humanity Should Know This - Athena Swaruu

Swaruu X (Athena): Last time I described why during a conflict you cannot know what is going on, nor what the truth is, since both sides will impose their disinformation as part of their means and strategies with which to manipulate the perception not only of the public, but also of the enemy. It is an important part of how a war is won.

So everything that is published during a conflict will be manipulated and exaggerated to the convenience of whoever is publishing it. This is war propaganda and has been around basically as long as there have been wars. So even if you see everything and form your own criteria, you will not be able to have a clear picture or idea of what is really going on.

But yes, there is one thing that you can know with complete certainty. And it is the most important thing to know during a conflict involving major world powers specifically.

It is true that when there are regional wars involving small nations of little world political power or influence, these clan or quasi-clan wars can arise out of disagreements and power interests among their members. This triggers a local war which the controllers will watch closely and then send their agents to manipulate and guide the outcome according to the interests of the deep Cabal. These agents will be sent in before, during or after the conflict as they see fit, and will be under the guise of being analysts, military advisors, UN observers "to keep the peace", or more openly be secret agents who make deals with the leaders of such places, or in the last case send in Special Forces units.

In many occasions the Cabal will send agents to both sides making believe that powerful nations under the name of their organizations like the United Nations or NATO, among others, are on their side, being that they are making agreements with both sides of the conflict, agreements that only end up benefiting the deep Cabal.

And the same will happen with an endless number of variants and methods that they apply depending on what is necessary for each situation. This is nothing new, but I should mention it as context for the following.

While, as I have stated above, small wars or wars between nations inconsequential to the controllers can have a real element in them, I should also mention that the deep Cabal can also start a local war against a nation when they have realized that their leaders are not playing by the rules imposed by the Cabal itself, rules they impose using organizations such as the United Nations, up to those imposed through their secret Masonic and Illuminati lodge organizations, which in turn exploit the goodwill of their low grade members who for the most part have no idea what they themselves are doing or who they are really working for.

In those cases they will intervene with a local war to then impose a puppet under their control, as the new "president" or leader, always using the imposition or excuse of being liberators and saviors of nations to implement "Democracy" for the benefit of the civilian population. Benefits they never see as it is only manipulation and propaganda as I expressed above.

Moving on to a larger conflict.
When a conflict of whatever nature develops between nations that are clearly under Illuminati deep Cabal domination and control, the wars are of a different nature altogether. And that nature is obvious to those who have eyes to see and minds to analyze.

And this from an outsider's point of view is painfully obvious, painfully obvious because the population of Earth should be able to take this into account and know this not only for their own sake but for their own survival because what I will say next is not a "theory" nor is it a "guess" nor is it a conclusion based on logic, but it is already considered a firm, constantly repeating and unquestionable fact.

When the deep Cabal controls both nations in conflict, or both groups of nations, everything is preplanned, everything obeys a previous agenda that they have in mind and in preparation sometimes years ago, decades, and sometimes even hundreds and thousands of years ago.

This is inconceivable to the average terrestrial population that lives from day to day, from fortnight to fortnight and for whatever they can afford and without being able to plan what they will do the following week, much less have a life plan.

Also, having a finite temporal perception, the majority of the human population will not understand why or how a group can make plans for so many years, even generations into the future, because they think that the people "in power" will not see the benefits during their lifetimes.

This is where the non-human elements that control the deep Cabal come in, who have a longevity far greater than humans.

So a conflict between large nations and under their control will have no element of real political, economic, or strategic interest as the civilian population is told. All discussions of geo-politics, economics, and dominance of trans-national corporations over the monopoly of natural resources is just propaganda by the very controlling Cabal to divert the attention of the human population.

They control both sides to the supreme level.

It is a psychopathic game they have been playing for thousands of years, and the real reasons I will give later in this same text, although they have been mentioned before but I must fit that in here for the sake of clarity of all I am trying to explain.

They just make the population believe that two nations, or more, that are large, have disagreements with each other that have resulted in the loss of diplomacy resulting in war as the only and last way to resolve a dispute. And the people, the human population, will believe it because that is how they have them programmed and that is how it is set within the framework of their understanding of their reality.

Example, disputes between unruly and annoying neighbors in their neighborhood or colony where they live. The average human population will transfer that way of thinking about conflicts to the geo-political realm and that is how the deep Cabal controllers want them to think.

But the reality is very different.
The controllers with a view to energy, economic, and Lush exploitation of the human population, mass control and population control, by way of population geo-engineering will impose a war between two or more nations that they completely control. And I mean completely.

This is the case of countless wars in the past, but as more direct and recent examples we have the First and Second World Wars, the Vietnam conflict, and above all the Cold War.

During the Cold War the world population was led to believe that there were two great power blocs that wanted political and economic domination over the Earth, with a constant latent threat of mutual annihilation with the use of nuclear weapons, which is known as “MAD” threat, which also stands for Mutual Assured Destruction.

With this system of imposition of ideas-mind control over the planetary human population, they would be kept in constant worry and constant suffering that kept them under control. Also this extremely dualistic bilateral model provoked a Good-Bad, Black-White mentality in the minds of the human population. And in terms of the economic realm, it would maintain the weapons industry which is huge, as well as the economic competitive machinery in operation.

With this system they also make use of systems of imposed religions that also help to guide the human population in the manner of livestock.

So during a war of this kind, as an example I will say World War II, the Illuminati deep Cabal controlled (and still does) both sides, the Allies and the Axis. Where the same bankers financed both sides, where Ford Motor Company, General Motors and Chrysler production plants, among others, manufactured engines and engine components to supply both sides. And meanwhile they had the people in the factories, mostly women, working from sun up to sun down under the mind control and war propaganda of crisis effort to "win the war", exploiting the courage and life force of human beings.

The outcome of military operations in that kind of conflicts is already planned and already agreed upon, and the leaders of both sides who are the masks and puppets of the deep Cabal know it and only play a role imposed by their superiors. All controlled from below using the communication systems, the economy, and the rules and laws of the Secret Societies.

The reasons for a war of this nature are completely pre-fabricated and are imposed by means of war propaganda in the mass media. The reason for these wars are the wars themselves with a view to population control.

Wars are real, suffering is real, deaths and struggles are real. The effort to beat the other side is real. But the battles are already decided, as are the wars. They are already planned, it is already known who must win and who must lose and when and for what purpose.

This stems not only from the strategic aspect of a war (strategic as major situational planning) but also from the purely tactical aspect (immediate in the fight). Because not only wars are already planned, and it is already known who wins and who loses, but also the same happens in the battles over regions or parts in and of the same war.

They will pit an army defending a region against an offender with a view to invade. They already know who should win. And they know the stakes of which side has more strength, where then it is here where they begin to anticipate the outcome.

But as the struggle and the human spirit is unpredictable sometimes things do not turn out as the Cabal wished.

It is in these situations where under the orders of the generals who in turn will take orders from their Illuminati puppets and these from those of the Cabal:

An army that is in the lead and is winning an important battle but was not supposed to win, will be given an irrational and even foolish order to retreat under any excuse that will return the balance of power in a battle to the side that was already pre-planned to win that battle.

Thus returning the narrative and the correct pre-planned outcome to how it should be in the minds of the deep Cabal controllers.

These kinds of orders that turn the situation during a battle into what can be seen as counter to the very interests of the side that carries them out are later taken by analysts and military historians as simply mistakes of war, tactical and strategic errors, and are not analyzed further by not understanding what is really going on behind them.

An example of this would be the advance of the German forces during the invasion against the Soviet Union, where they stalled trying to take the city of Stalingrad. Where modern historians only think that Hitler's need to take that city was only because it bore the name of Stalin (leader of the Soviet Union at that time) for the moral blow that it would give him.

In reality, this stalemate that lasted 5 months, one week and 3 days (August 23, 1942 to February 3, 1943) was only to decimate the German forces, reduce their advance capacity and strength and turn the war in favor of the Soviet Union that they had already prepared as the one that should be the winner.

And that is repeated later again in the upper part of Russia with the battle and siege of Leningrad (September 1941 to January 1944).

And it should be the winner because Russia was and still is under complete control of the deep Cabal, and they needed it as it was and extremely strong in every way, militarily, economically, and social-ideologically, to execute the next phase of the controllers' plans: The Cold War.

So, no matter the enormous effort of the soldiers on both sides, no matter the type and efficiency of the war machine, no matter who has the best tanks, no matter who has the best planes. No matter who the best pilot is, no matter how many die, how many get mutilated, how many families are destroyed, how many people are left with post-traumatic stress disorder, no matter the human spirit and their passion to defend their own, to defend their families, their home, their nation. Because everything is already planned in advance, who wins and who loses, why, when, and how it fits into the events that follow.

Wars are very real, as are the consequences for the general population, military or otherwise. But the reasons for these kinds of wars are not.

This has been going on for thousands of years, it is nothing new. And added to this is the fact that later in "history" something else is described that has nothing to do even with the propaganda used to motivate soldiers and the civilian population to justify a war.

The real motivation, the reason for creating a war will always be the same: geo-engineering of population, numbers control, and exploitation of the human spirit at all levels.

Who is causing all this?
Those who benefit from human suffering on all levels, those who "eat" Lush which is nothing more than creative energy of manifesting realities coming from beings with connection to the Original Source, real humans.

These beings cannot exist on their own, because they are egregores of human creation, manifested directly as a result of the concentration of creative attention of human beings.

Fear concentrates all attention on the object of that fear, blinding reason and vision all around. This is Lush. It is not a substance per-se as Adrenochrome would be although it is of course related. Or it could only be seen to be interpreted as a substance when viewed from the etheric side point of view.

The creative concentration of reality manifestation formed from fear is very strong, precisely because of its blinding concentration. Without this such entities would disappear, for they cannot sustain their existence alone. They need human suffering to sustain themselves, because they are a product of the human mind. Direct manifestation of all the fears that they have, focused in a single entity form. If you stop paying attention to it, they will dissolve.

Where are they and who exactly are they?
They are not local, they are all over the world, they are energies that only manifest as something at certain times when conditions are propitious, and they will always be propitious only by the direct intervention of the creative attention of humans. When they come together to fear a single thing in a specific place, visible entities can emerge in the form of what they call demons, apparitions or whatever they want to call them.

And by pinpointing as much as possible where they are:
This comes from just the point where the human becomes the non-human. That threshold of mutual interference, of difficult interaction. It is where the humans behind the Secret Societies merge with the dark entities egregores of humanity, which they, of the deep Cabal, worship.

So this problem is of a purely human nature or genesis in that they are being victimized by their own creations for not being able to control their own mind.

At the same time keeping in mind that humanity as such, as a race seen as souls with connection to Source, is not really just one race but a whole soup of "souls" (without religious connotation) of extraterrestrial origin.